TACKY BROW - Outposts Publications, U.K., 1974.
A very early collection of poems that explore his relationship with his dying grandfather, who served as a soldier in the two World Wars, and poems about being an adolescent poet in Eastside Swansea, where he was born.

THE APPRENTICESHIP - Cwm Nedd Press, U.K., 1977.
A long poem-sequence about 'the apprenticeship' of a young poet, and his exploration of his poetic vision and his reaction to poets such as R.S. Thomas and Ted Hughes.

CLOCKS TICK DIFFERENTLY - Celtion Poetry Series, U.K., 1980.
A collection that includes some of the poems that won him an Eric Gregory Award for Poetry from The Society of Authors, London, in 1979.

VISITORS - Seren Books, U.K., 1986.
Visitors deals with urban south Wales, how its inhabitants are defined by their work, surroundings and society, in poems which are open and sincere, direct and honest. Always lively and accessible in his work, Peter Thabit Jones is, in the words of Alan Llwyd "a master of the exact word".

THE COLD COLD CORNER - Dark Lane Poetry/Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths - London, U.K., 1995.
A collection that includes a poem-sequence, The Cold Cold Corner , which is an elegy for his second son, Mathew, who died in 1975. The book was published to raise money towards research carried out by the Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths, London.

BALLAD OF KILVEY HILL - Swansea Bay Publishers, U.K., 1999.
A collection of poems and prose-poems about his childhood in Eastside Swansea, where he was raised by his grandparents. It includes a long ballad, the title poem, about Kilvey Hill, a mini-mountain that dominates the landscape and dominates his poetic vision.

THE LIZARD CATCHERS - Cross-Cultural Communications, New York, 2006. His first American book, it includes a selection from his books published in the U.K., new poems, and a section of his poems for children. It was on the Long List for the Welsh Book of the Year.


Cross-Cultural Communications, New York, America/The Seventh Quarry Press, U.K., 2008.
The first in a new Series that will feature work by two poets, one British and one non-British, in a collection published in the U.K. and America.

DYLAN THOMAS WALKING TOUR OF GREENWICH VILLAGE, NEW YORK - Written by Peter Thabit Jones and Aeronwy Thomas, the daughter of Dylan Thomas (2008).

Visitors to New York and lovers of Dylan Thomas' poetry, will enjoy this self-guided tour of ten places in Greenwich Village associated with the Welsh poet.

The leisurely 2-hour tour will introduce you to some of Dylan's poetry, the bars and restaurants he frequented, the places where he stayed, his readings, his friendships, and the real facts behind his premature death in the city. The publication coincides with the release of a new film about the life of Dylan Thomas called The Edge of Love, which stars Matthew Rhys, Keira Knightley, and Sienna Miller. Catrin Brace, who works for the Welsh Assembly Government in New York said: "Fifty years after his death, there is still a huge interest both in Wales and the USA in Dylan Thomas and his work. Visitors will be able to gain a strong sense of the real man behind "the brassy orator" with "the lovely gift of the gab", as well as giving people a real feel for the Greenwich Village of the 1950s."

Simply print the PDF and take it with you to the Village for a very interesting walk around some of the most historic places in the Big Apple.
Dylan Thomas Walking Tour of Greenwich Village New York PDF

Now available as a weekly commercial tour in New York via New York Fun Tours.
See below re: new tourist-pocket book and app versions.

A 200 page bilingual collection (English/Romanian) featuring poems by Peter Thabit Jones and New York's Vince Clemente, translated by Dr. Olimpia Iacob (published 2008, Romania).

THE BOY AND THE LION'S HEAD, a verse drama - Citadela Publishing, Romania. A new verse drama (English/Romanian), translated by Dr. Olimpia Iacob, with an Introduction by Vince Clemente (published 2009, Romania). Its world-premiere took place in Monterey, California, in May 2010.

- Castaway Press, U.K., 1979.
A collection of short stories about a childhood lived in Eastside Swansea.

- University of Wales, Swansea, U.K., 1996.
Edited by Peter Thabit Jones, this is an anthology of students' writings for children produced on his Writing Children's Literature course. Publication was arranged by Anna-Marie Taylor, his co-ordinator at the university.

POEMS FROM A CABIN ON BIG SUR - Cross-Cultural Communications, New York, 2011.

A collection of poems, written during his time as writer-in-residence in Big Sur, with a selection of photos.
Available from Cross-Cultural Communications, 239 Wynsum Avenue, Merrick, New York, 11566-4725, USA.
Price $25 (hardback) $15 (paperback).

DYLAN THOMAS WALKING TOUR OF GREENWICH VILLAGE, NEW YORK (tourist pocket-book) - Cross-Cultural Communications, New York, and The Seventh Quarry Press, Wales, 2014
(co-authored with Aeronwy Thomas, daughter of Dylan Thomas)

Price $10/5 pounds sterling (paperback).

Dylan Thomas Walking Tour of Greenwich Village: Amazon ...

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A free app version of the Dylan Thomas Walking Tour of Greenwich Village, New York is available.  A collaboration by the Welsh Government, The British Council, and Literature Wales, as part of the DT100 (Dylan Thomas Centenary, 1914-2014) launch in America, February 2014. The narration is by renowned Welsh actor Nicholas McGaughey.

Dylan Thomas Walking Tour of Greenwich Village, New York App

EDITOR (with Stanley H. Barkan): INTERNATIONAL POETRY FESTIVAL ANTHOLOGY - The Seventh Quarry Press and Cross-Cultural Communications, New York, 2011.

EDITOR (with Stanley H. Barkan): THE COLOUR OF SAYING/A DYLAN THOMAS CENTENARY CELEBRATION COMPETITION ANTHOLOGY - The Seventh Quarry Press and Cross-Cultural Communications, New York, 2014.

LET THE BUTTERFLIES GO/SONGS FOR A DARK BIRD - Timpul Publishing, Romania, 2014.
Two collections of poems in one book.  Romania's Aura Cristi's Where the butterflies go/
Peter's Songs for a Dark Bird.

Dr. Olimpia Iacob and American poet and publisher Jim Kacian are the translators.

SELECTED POEMS - Bibliotecha Universalis/Collectiile Revistei "Orizont Literar Contemporan", Romania 2016. A bilingual (English/Romanian) selection of poems. Translated by Dr. Monica Manolachi, University of Bucharest.

THE FIRE IN THE WOOD - Cross-Cultural Communications, New York, and The Seventh Quarry Press, Wales, 2017. A multi-media prose and verse drama based on the life of California’s Big Sur reclusive sculptor Edmund Kara. Price $15/10 pounds sterling (paperback).

 Fire in the Wood Green Cover


THE BOY AND THE LION'S HEAD, a verse drama
An American limited edition of  the verse drama - New Feral Press, New York, 2017. Price $15 (paperback).


of Sweeter Than Vivaldi and Under a Baleful Star.